George A Romero – Dies aged 77

Very sad to hear that George A Romero has died. When one of your books references its monsters as ‘Romeros’ you know there is a serious amount of homage being paid to that person.

One of the biggest thrills of my early teens was watching Dawn on the Dead on my mates VHS system. During the school holidays we could book out absolutely any video, regardless of certificate and watch them with sweets and sodas while his parents were working. Dawn of the dead was an incredible movie for me. I wasn’t phased by the effects. I know they were gory for the time but they just looked fake as hell to me, I was completely unmoved by them. For me it was the whole sense of something terrible coming, right from the off. The panic, the guys who were cool under fire, the tension. Normal people reacting to bad shit.

One of my absolute favourite scenes is one in which very little happens. As Stephen and Francine argue (Francine asserting herself) Roger sits on a box, staring at the floor. Not wanting to even remotely be involved. As soon as they are done he’s off the box and out of the door. Its short, probably barely noticeable, but Scott H Reiniger makes it so real for his character.

George was very explicit in what his zombies were and what they represented. Being wholly unhappy with the way The Walking Dead had ‘downgraded’ them. I agree. In The Walking Dead only very stupid, or very unlucky people die to zombies. In The Lemonade Brothers I observed this issue and I hope lifted them up a little.

There’s more to write about George but its late and I only just saw the news. I’ll pen something better at a later date.

RIP George. Don’t come back though…

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