I was really looking forward to seeing Dunkirk, not least of all because I thought it might be a movie my dad (in his 70’s) would watch with me. The buzz was good and the trailer was impressive and I was at the point of booking tickets when I saw a few reviews float in with huge warning signs inside them. Don’t get me wrong, these were positive reviews, but the language they used spoke of an ‘arty,minimalist and challenging,’ move.

This normally equates to ‘Ponce’

So I watched it alone. Because I would rather stare down the Gorgon than have my old man moaning at me for dragging him to the cinema for a movie he didn’t enjoy.

I didn’t like it.

There were bits I liked. There were scenes that struck me as poignant, there were characters that I felt came over well. There was Harry Styles, who wasn’t terrible. There was the RAF.

Then there was the rest of the movie.

It was boring. It was strangely structured. In a time when the most insane things happened to men, Nolan chose to use a bizarre story of young trying to get away from the beach by any means they could including stupid ones. This, the Harry Styles segment, was the most disappointing. Not due to Harry though. It just seemed… stupid. Of all of the tales of despair that could be told on that beach Nolan told this one?

The lack of dialogue really, really got to me. It made me hate the characters. I almost cheered when people actually spoke to each other. We are a nation of chatterboxes, we talk and talk and talk, often becauseĀ our situation is dire. It just seemed wrong to have everyone who was in close proximity to others saying nothing, most of the time.

There were claims that the air scenes were amazing. We must have watched different versions of the movie. While I get that Nolan wasn’t looking to make Pearl Harbor I am more entertained, or gripped perhaps is a better choice of words, by Microsoft Flight Sim. It was all so perfunctory.

The cast was fine, although not really challenged. Hard to be challenged when you don’t have to say much. I liked Ken Branagh. He had a touch of the John Mills about him.

Overall I give this movie Three Spitfires out of Five


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