War for the Planet of the Apes

The third movie in the Apes franchise brings about the anticipated final clash of man and ape before things truly go south however it didn’t play out how I thought it would.  It isn’t just a tale of two armies, which with with hindsight on my side might have been more exciting but also less satisfying. Instead we see Caesar, once again played through the motion of Andy Serkis and the incredible CGI team, driven even harder into making emotional decisions where humans are concerned.

The setting, and scenes of the apes riding horseback across plains and snowy tundras, along beaches and through forests are awesome, the facial work on the apes state of the art. Bringing the personalities of the apes to life is admirably achieved and I confess to having laughed and quite enjoyed the light comic relief of ‘Bad Ape,’ who is encountered during Caesar’s journey to confront Woody Harrelson’s  murderous Commander.

Here I pause with the praise. Something didn’t quite work with the Commander and I can’t decide if it was Harrelson, the script or just his story, rather than enjoying it I tolerated it. Which is a shame given how well everything else was played out. The other important intersection of human and ape comes in the form of a young girl, apparently mute. There are portents and forshadowing’s aplenty in this feature.

Venturing further in to the movie would produce spoilers which I’m not going to do but I do think there is still more to enjoy in the Planet of the Apes franchise. After all, that spaceship went missing in the first story so…

Ed’s verdict

Four Damn Dirty Apes out of Five



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