Martin Landau Dies aged 89

Within 24 hours another hugely important ‘character’ to me walks off-stage. Martin Landau as Captain John Koenig was the leader of a Moonbase Colony, forced to face survival as the moon is torn from Earth’s gravity. His adventures, especially his spaceships, the Eagles, stuck with me for years. I still have two Die-cast Eagle Lander Craft in my display cabinet to this day.


Because of my love of Space 1999 as a child it pretty much guaranteed that I would be delighted to see Landau in pretty much anything he was in after that. And there’s a lot to like as well. Mission Impossible and Ed Wood (in which he was amazing), stand out in particular to me.

Martin will be remembered for his many roles I’m sure but for me he was the guy who was in charge of some of the coolest spaceship ever.

RIP Martin Landau

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