Eddie Skelson

By way of introduction

Thanks for dropping by my page. As it’s an ‘about me’ page there’s not much more than waffle concerning me, my books and possibly ‘what’s in the pipeline’ or some other cliche. Writers are notorious for not updating this kind of thing. Famous writers do. But that’s because they have ‘their people’ on it. If I was famous ‘my people’ wouldn’t be getting ready to ‘touch base’ with ‘their people.’ ¬†Because my people would be making me a sandwich.

So, unless you performed some really bad typing and somehow stuck Skelson into Google, instead of Sheldon, or Skeleton or Shilton, then you are interested in my books. Or my dress sense.

Lets start with where I am. Location, location, location as they say, if you are planning on opening a restaurant, or preparing a drone strike. I was born and still live in the bizarre conglomeration of small towns that make up the City of Stoke on Trent. Stoke is nestled almost perfectly between Manchester and Birmingham and somehow we managed to dodge both of those accents and instead sound like Scousers doing Yorkshireman impressions while on crack. You have to have a sense of humour in Stoke on Trent. If you don’t, apparently you become a right-wing racist with the charm of a rabid pit bull. Like I said. Strange place. We are twinned with Royston Vasey.

At the time of writing this I’m a fifty year old man, with two kids, a dog and a girlfriend who is convinced I used some sort of drug to get her to go out with me. She is quite perceptive but has limited knowledge of pharmaceuticals. So I’m fine. I’ve got a Degree in History and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, neither of which helped me to get a job. I could have just put ‘very good at Scrabble’ on my CV and it would have given me the same result.

The first book I self-published was my novel, Winter Falls. In the insane euphoria of passing my Masters I decided to write a sequel to a classic Lovecraft novella, The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Because that’s what you do when you suddenly discover that its OK for you to write books. I then embarked on writing a series. Because Stephen King did it with The Green Mile (Shawshank Redemption), so why shouldn’t I? As it turns out the series, Crowley, did really well for me and paid for some new covers, editing work and a laptop. In fact Mr Crowley is still buying me things every few months.
Since then I’ve produced a book of short and longer stories, The Whitby Horror and Other Tales, and three novellas, Superhero City, The Lemonade Brothers and Ballet of Bullets. I’m hoping to have a new novel out later this year (2017) and am also working on the follow up to Crowley.

To help get my work out there I created my own publishing company, Pandemic Press. Through Pandemic I was able to get my books distributed through Waterstones (I’ve yet to get them to buy into the books for their shelves nationwide however). I go the more ready route of Amazon for eBooks. Its just easier. My hope is that in the near future I can offer a good distribution for other writers with Pandemic and charge them a ton of money. Just in case they are much better than me.

I don’t like live bands.